Activity Programming

From the moment your loved one steps through Elderday Center's doors, every activity has been carefully selected for a specific therapeutic value. Studies have shown that participation in therapeutic activities can slow the progression of age-related disease and dementia decline. Furthermore, these activities are designed to be enjoyable and increase the quality of life.

 In 2016, Elderday Center participants were able to remain in a safe home environment and with their loved ones for an additional 13.6 months and no participants reported significant symptoms of Depression after enrolling in the program. 

  • Music therapy – Music has been shown to increase cognition, memory and reduce anxiety
  • Men’s & Women’s Groups – Everyone doesn’t always like the same thing and we understand this. We try to incorporate our members' likes and interests to provide enjoyable experiences in sharing memories and discussions.
  • Pet therapy – Animal lovers everywhere understand the effect animals have on our moods. Elderday Center is proud to offer this service.
  • Reminiscence Groups – Memory and brain exercises are used to sharpen memory and slow cognitive decline. These groups have been very popular at Elderday Center.
  • Arts and Crafts – While many think these activities are “just fun,” there is a strong therapeutic reason behind our acts and crafts program. Members are able to exercise fine motor skills which help with things like buttoning shirts or using utensils and have an opportunity for self-expression which decreases depression and increases self-worth.
  • Games  - Every day we include a game that exercises gross motor skills such as bowling, indoor golf, bags, bocce ball etc. These games help with range of motion and improve flexibility which helps reduce fall risks.
  • Intergenerational and Community Programming – Elderday Center strives to help members connect with our community. We have local partnerships with Batavia Nursery School, Association for Individual Development and local assisted living facilities. Outings – Periodically we schedule field trips in the community. In the past we have visited the Peck Farm Butterfly House, gone out to ice cream and visited the Fabyan Gardens.

Download a sample activity calendar pdf.